Most valorant spartan

As we all know the halo universe is so expansive in its lore and an amazing franchise. So I came up with the question who was the bravest spartan? I would love to hear all of you opinions!

In my opinion it was this spartan III (I don’t remember the name of the top of my head) during the Fall of Reach Fred-104 was knocked out and the Spartan Dragged him to safety while get hit by multiple plasma rife’s and all of that! (His shields were out wile this was happening) and took a super combine to the chest multiple times. And after he dragged Fred to safety; Fred woke up and asked if he was okay. (I think that’s what he asked you can correct me) He said “Yes, sir” then died. Which truly shows the nobility of spartans. Thank you for reading.

To me it is Samuel-034. The first Spartan-II casualty in the Human-Covenant war. His death hit Blue Team hard. He didn’t hesitate to remain behind and defend the warheads.

Noble 6. He sacrificed his life without hesitation to provide cover fire for the Pillar of Autumn so everyone on it could make it out of Reach safely. Jorge and Carter were also pretty… Noble. (I’m very sorry)

I was going to put John-117, but I figured that’d be too obvious

Carter went out the best way he could’ve in Reach. Very heroic for him