Most powerful gun in Halo 4

I just wanted peoples advice on what gun you think is the best gun to use in halo 4.

Beam rifle!
Head shots (snap shots) for every situation.


rocket launcher probably


> You think DMR stands for “Doesn’t Matter, Really”. Because with way you play the game, it doesn’t, really.

how bout run and gun

DMR/BR both need a nerf to carbine strength so they are balanced with the Automatics in close range.

Depends what you mean by “powerful”

The most versatile? Definitely the DMR, it’s way too versatile in fact.

Best at long range: DMR
Second best at long range: Lightrifle

Best at medium range: Lightrifle
Second best at medium range: DMR

-Yoink- tier: Battle Rifle and Carbine.

Learn to use the Lightrifle properly and it’s a consistent 4sk on par with the Halo 2 BR at all ranges.

I use the BR so i think thats the best. the other one i think is great is the lightrifle.

When you say “most powerful” It’s obviously going to be a power weapon that you can’t start with. So I will answer regarding loadout and on map.

The most powerful gun in the game is definitely the Binary Rifle. It is a 1sk anywhere on the enemy and works at long range.

The most powerful loadout weapon is a tougher answer. Most people will say the DMR which is a reasonable answer. I personally use the BR more but I do use the DMR a lot as well. The DMR has a 3x scope as opposed to the BR 2x scope so I always choose it in big team for the longer range. The BR I just like the way it feels I do really well with it and my roots are in Halo 2 so it has a special place in my heart.

I recommend making a BR and DMR loadout see which you prefer or use both like I do as both are very good weapons.

Hoped this helped.

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All of you posters are silly by not mentioning the nipple hardening power of the Incineration Cannon

If the main blast doesn’t get you then 5 of it’s offspring will emerge from the fire pits of hell to perform sexual acts into one of you many orifices

> DMR/BR both need a nerf to carbine strength so they are balanced with the Automatics in close range.

The automatics are fine the way they are. Having them any stronger would be stupid.

They take less skill to use effectively, therefore, they shouldn’t be better than the weapons that do take skill.


This guy has a point. The Incineration Cannon is beast.

Binary Rifle. If I can 1 shot you in the foot and kill you, that’s power.

DMR. It will help you win every engagement.

Incineration Cannon

Beam Rifle is technically. It’s actually a shotgun with infinite range

DMR its actually a mini sniper with the fire rate of a SMG and the aim magnetism of a beam riffle.