Most overused, overrated, bad maps in series

So what’s your least favorite maps that you think, appears in Matchmaking too often? Maps that keeps you away from the game, because each time you start, you know that probably must go through it? Maps that everyone else seems to enjoy (they keep appearing for a reason) but you just hope than no one will make remake of it?
For me, it will be:
Sword Base (Reach) - map looks boring and, for most part, is boring. Essence of action are battles for lift room, which are more frustrating than fun and quickly turns into random grenade-fests. Oh, and you have to use jetpack, because otherway you must go through entire map, from bottom to top floor, to find some fight. You can also try lifts, but probably you’ll end as another camper’s victim.
The Pit (Halo 3) - this map looks as grey and boring as Forge map can get, but it’s not even Forge map! It’s also not well constructed when it comes to Team Slayer. Random hallways and 2 base towers without any purpose. I really hope that for next Halos or Forge maps nobody will try to remake this “classic”. There are many whose are much better.
Hemorrhage (Reach) - map that really thrown me away from Reach’s BTB! Archaic relic from past times, when people played lan parties and all they needed was an open space with as many toys on it, as you can get. As soon as all vehicles are destroyed, there is just nothing to do on this map, and before that happens, action is just so primitive, I wonder how anyone wants to play it after 11 years.
Valhalla/Ragnarok (Halo 3/4) - same as above with one exception: there is a brook flowing through this map! Yup! I think that some many people choose this map because how it looks, not how it actually plays.
Narrows (Halo 3) - all bad sides of symetrical maps are shown here. You start, you go straight, you win/die. Proceed.
There are other maps from Halos 1/2 (especially 1) which I found very overrated, but they’re rather nostalgic eccentricities, than real threat for matchmakings on current Xbox Live! Halos. Let’s just hope there will be no more remakes of Battle Creek or Hang’em High in the future…

Sword base is the best map ever made and lockout is the worst.

Ragnarok is a ok-decent map but the overvoting for it in Matchmaking just completely ruins it.

Have to disagree with you on this…Sword Base, Valhalla/Ragnarok, and Hemorrhage (a.k.a. Blood Gulch)are awesome imo.

Ragnarok is the lamest one, or most be the fault of the DMR

Rangnarrock, the mech destroys the map…

Complex, to big for Slayer…

Did you say the Pit was a bad map?

You said Narrows is bad too?

What happened to the Halo community?

Exile in BTB, its a great map, but it gets chain voted, same for Haven in T.Slayer.

Maps that were played the previous game, shouldnt be up for vote a second time


everytime i see that map in the rotation i back out and find a new lobby untill its not in the selection.

It’s a god awful map. Has been since Halo 3.

Out of all the amazing big team battle maps, they recreate the worst one :confused:
why not, Terminal, Avalanche, Headlong again etc.

The Pit and Sword Base were good maps. I would also love to see an altered Battle/Beaver Creek come back from H1. From H2, I would like to see Colossus come back, that was a solid map. From Halo 3 I would bring back Epitaph, or some variant of it.

> Exile in BTB, its a great map, but it gets chain voted, same for Haven in T.Slayer.
> Maps that were played the previous game, shouldnt be up for vote a second time

I agree, but when 343 only makes about 3 maps to play on per gametype…seriously…what were they thinking only making like 10 maps…

Exile, easily, i dont think its anything special, its rather bad, always gets picked over the better more intresting maps, i’ll never know why its loved so much

DEFINITELY ragnorok in BTB, the dmr makes it a headglitch fest which just isn’t nearly as fun as the other maps.

And complex in smaller teams, just too big and too easy to spawn-kill.

Halo 1 : Chiron
Halo 2 : Backwash
Halo 3: Probably Isolation or Epitaph
Reach: Swordbase
Halo 4: Complex

Best maps:
Halo 1: Battle creek
Halo 2: Lockout
Halo 3: Guardian
Reach: Zealot
Halo 4: Abandon or Haven

agreed on exile. i don’t even think it’s great, though. it’s allriiiight. i had to play it like 8 times in a row yesterday. rarely does anyone bother to vote for anything else if exile is an option.

would be nice if the choice between longbow, meltdown and vortex (the non-ragnarok / exile option) came up more often so we’d get a chance to play them.

Narrows and the Pit were bad ?

Sort your head out.

I think that Haven is the worst map on halo 4. idk why but i just cannot do goood on that map unless its SWAT. Complex is also pretty bad IMO. no map can ever replace lockout though, best. halo. map. of. all. time. Seriously.

Halo Reach id agree that swordbase sucked, camping at the elevators= success.

I actually liked most Halo 3 maps.

the answer to this is NONE. all the maps are awful on halo 4. I enjoy ragnorok and haven the most. But they are unbalanced to the ground. on haven if you play oddball the ball spawns closer to red team, and on ragnorok blue team always gets the binary rifle.

> Halo 1 : Chiron
> Halo 2 : Backwash
> Halo 3: Probably Isolation or Epitaph
> Reach: Swordbase
> Halo 4: Complex
> Best maps:
> Halo 1: Danger Canyon, Death Island, Infinity, Ice Fields, Gephyrohobia, Wizard
> Halo 2: Uplift, Turf, Headlong, Gemini, Waterworks, Backwash
> Halo 3: Standoff, Sandtrap
> Reach: Temptest, Highlands
> Halo 4: Solace, Meltdown


This is my list of the most overrated/overused maps in the series. The map being good or bad only has anything to do with it if the map is actually really bad.

Halo CE: Blood Gulch.

I have never been a huge fan of Blood Gulch. Yeah I thought it was the bees knees when I first got into the game, but in the end I found myself heavily favouring Sidewinder. I think this map got way too much credit from Red vs. Blue, and has been remade one-too-many times.

Halo 2: Foundation.

First let me explain why I didn’t pick Coagulation: Coag was actually a massive improvement on the original Blood Gulch, adding the bottom floor of the bases, the Banshee, the lock-on to Rockets, and the Rock-slide area just helped make Blood Gulch the best it could be.

Anyway, Foundation. Foundation sucks, that is my honest opinion, the bases suck, the upper hallways suck, the only interesting/cool sections of the map are the pit in the middle most people generally avoided like the plague anyway. This map wasn’t good, and yet somehow everyone seemed to like it. >_>. I thought every other map in Halo 2 was amazing, including DLC.

Halo 3: Guardian.

As far as I’m concerned, Guardian is too small for 4v4 games. In 1v1s, I understand the love for this map (But I think Heretic was better once it was released 2 years later), but in 4v4s it’s just too small, too cramped, and too imbalanced. I’d much rather play The Pit, Construct, Foundry, heck even Epitaph and Isolation in 4v4 games. And Epitaph and Isolation suck.

Halo Reach: Countdown/Hemmorhage.

I am not picking Countdown because I think it’s a bad map, I think it’s an ok map. I am picking Countdown because it was extremely overrated. Everyone was raving about Countdown being Halo Reach’s answer to The Pit and Construct rolled up into one, but it honestly came out more like Chiron TL34 with it’s catacomb-hallway design. Not as bad a map as Chiron, but similar combat scenarios. I think Zealot was the best symmetrical 4v4 map in the game. So sue me.

I also picked Hemmorhage because, like I said before, Blood Gulch has been remade one too many times. They perfected it with Coagulation, they didn’t need to take it a step further and introduce it into a game with a Hitscan mini-sniper as a starting weapon. But for some reason, despite playing horribly, it got picked OVER and OVER.

Halo 4: Ragnarok.

Ragnarok suffers from Halo Reach’s Hemmorhage syndrome. It’s a map that worked once upon a time, when you spawned with weapons that had spread, and couldn’t cross map at extreme distances. This leads to stale gameplay with slim to no movement after the first 10-15 kills. And vehicles are almost useless with Plasma Pistol/Stick spawns. That means this map plays very poorly compared to Halo 3’s Valhalla, and other new BTB maps like Meltdown, and Exile are proving better overall maps to play. And yet because it’s this game’s “Blood Gulch” (Though it’s a spiritual successor not a remake), and because it’s a recognizable remake of a Halo 3 classic, it is voted over and over.