Most Multi-Player Kills in Reach?

Does anyone know who has the most kills in Reach MP? I made a bet with a friend that surely someone has over 1,000,000 kills in Halo Reach? Any links or gamer tag names with this info would help, thanks.

I have not seen someone with 500k+, so I think you lost your bet.

Actually there is a Grifball ball booster. Name cloudspider who has over 700k kills. He the highest I seen. For 1mil I haven’t seen anyone yet. Though I seen people with over 500k kills usually inheritors.

According to Halotracker the most kills is 740,000.

Pretty sure Online Dater has the most kills in MM of any other player.

Online Dater has the most “legit” kills at 764k.

HLG Destiny/Enter Destiny/Enter Me Im Wet/Sun Is Good (changed his GT numerous times to avoid being banned from Halotracker leaderboards) is a booster with well over 1 million kills on Reach. He had like 2 (maybe 3?) consoles, and boosted grifball and invasion with like 2k kills per game of invasion.

I see someone is over 1 million now.