Most Memorable Halo moment

Everyone loves halo for multiple reasons, but we all have those moments where we are reassured that these games never disappoint and we remember why we are a halo fan in the first place. It would be pretty could if we could share a few of them on here.
I’ll go first.
Getting my first ever perfection on standoff with 4 of my friends in social slayer against a team who was equally skilled (thats not saying much as it was 3am and we were all really tired) The game ended with my shields breaking and finishing off kill #50 before he killed me.
Another moment i actually remembered today, was teaching my girlfriend how to play halo. The best part is i never have to be the video game obsessive boyfriend, because she usually suggest we play halo so she can get better. Her saturday morning goal is to eventually beat me. :slight_smile:

Throughout this match there was a sniper who kept killing me so i seeked my vengegence and pried the sniper rifle from his hands. Smile on face killing machine in hands my joy was came to a early end as a jetpack noob killed me and regained the sniper for his team. Nobody pries my sniper from my fingers when i have only just got my hands on it. I took the lift to the top of the spire and looked for him. When i spotted my -Yoink!- weapon in his hands it went a little like this…

I don’t think I have only one experience that really defines my most glorified moment. I could tell you a couple of 'em but I got to go now. I’ll edit this post later.

  1. Seeing the Flood in Halo Combat Evolved
  2. Seeing the new Halo in Halo 2
  3. Seeing the new Halo in Halo 3
  4. Seeing Sgt Johnson die :’(

i actually have a more recent one. it was on breakpoint and the other teams banshee was destroting our team. so i used the jetpack and grabbed the rockets and went to the top of the ridge in the middle, first rocket misses, second one hits as i die, gets a kill then as i am watching my dead body spiral ouy of control onto the ground a pannel from the banshee shoots down and hits another enemy, giving me a double kill from the grave, a killjoy and a reload this. i almost peed my pants lol.

Please it has to be the Halo 2 trailer were those messages keep mentioning the things the Chiefs completed already before he throws himself out of the hanger door.

Epic Trailers are what the Chiefs about I even liked the Halo 3 bubble shield one too.

The Halo Legends video, I think it is called The Package, or the one where the 6 spartans are trying to rescue Halsey.

When those 3 Spartans land in the ship in their buble shield, after an EPIC space battle, and then they said:

“Lets sprint this.”

Those are the three best words I had ever heard. When they started that fight, I felt something below the waste line…

> When i spotted my -Yoink!- weapon in his hands it went a little like this…

That was awesome! I saw one of those in the top5 this week. Keep em up guys, This is making my down time enjoyable.

The Halo: CE warthog run, nothing will be able to surpass it, no other Halo titles have. 343 prove me wrong. :slight_smile:

Theres too many for one internet.

> The Halo: CE warthog run.

That’s my most memorable Halo moment, too. Well, that and the time I spent an entire half a game crouch walking across Waterworks to assassinate a sniper!

The most memorable thing for me was being a Warthog driver on Valhalla and getting my gunner 33 kills. We were unkillable and it was amazing… until I decided to brake.