Most Halos are "short" (halo5 legth in)

I’ve been timing halo lately. From mostly normal and heroic. And I found out while doing Honor Rules that on average most Halo levels are fairly the same or close.

Honor Rules being
1 no skipping
2 Must kill at least 75% of all enemies
3 If its a hold out spot you hold out if its a driving area you drive and so on

Each game has low and high points. And Halo4 doesn’t have short levels. Mostly 20 to 30+ minute ones if you play them with those rules.

And if you rush. Again most levels in all games tend to be close in time. Most of the time gaps come from bad checkpoints (for example I would die after clearing several areas and spawn nearly an entire area back).

So Halo 5 most likely on rush mode will be close to most Halos. But if it’s as open and dynamic as 343 says. If you were to play it without speed running I’m sure it’ll bring us all good times and with probably huge replayability

>I will post my times for 1-4 later.

Normal Shortest and Longest of each game…

Shortest: POA: 12:10
Longest: AOTCR: 36:03

Shortest.: Cairo. 10:02
Longest : gravemind 33:50

Shortest: floodgate: 9:24
Longest: The Ark. 34:07

Shortest. Dawn: 14:14
Longest: Forerunner: 35:25

As you can see on normal these all follow a very similar pattern .

Im hoping for at least 20 min per mission, you don’t want to make it too long but you want to also make it enjoyable for the player.