Most goals you've ever scored in Ricochet?

I’ve only scored 3 goals in a single game. How about you guys? How many goals have you managed to score in a single Ricochet game?

Only two unfortunately. Should have been three, but a grenade got me a second before I could run the ball in. The ball rolled in and scored, but no achievement.

The most I’ve scored was 5, two of them being run ins.

I scored 6 when it was only to 150. 5 throws and 1 run.

Three, two of which were run-ins and one was a throw right after the ball spawned!

The most that I have scored in a Ricochet match is 5. 3 throws and 2 runs.

I got 5 in a single game. I think all of them was throwing…

That’s right, I still can’t score a -Yoinking!- goal in Ricochet

3 walk-ins, but the game ended quick. it was DEF. an unfair match or something. we spawn killed them and did our duty and got our 200 very quickly.

Got two one was a run in the other was a throw in.

I haven’t played a great deal of Ricochet yet and still haven’t got the achievement where you need to score 3 times in a round. Think I got a couple of touchdowns in one match. Always seem to press the wrong button when I try to score from downtown though.

> 0
> That’s right, I still can’t score a -Yoinking!- goal in Ricochet

I’m with him: 0