Most Flawed Halo 5 Playlist?

In all honesty I thought Warzone Assault was a complete mess. The spawns are terrible, the REQ system is unbalanced, and the mode is more biased toward the defending team. 343 could’ve made this playlist much better than what it is now.

In my mind Big Team Battle is a horrific mess. The maps are strange and unbalanced (part of that has to do with camping locations and weapon spawns), and there is no coordination onesoever. Part of what made previous Halo BTBs so great was the strength of communication and teamwork. Now there is none of that and it is obviously killing Halo MP.

I agree with the Warzone assault part, but I find the BTB pretty balanced.

Yeah, the BTB forge maps aren’t great, but at least we can make our own now in customs with forge

Agreed, BTB kinda sucks right now, it’s usually my go to playlist too :frowning: