Most expensive "FREE" event ever

Yeah, no problem! Like I said, I’m not playing the game on Xbox, so I haven’t been keeping up with it there. But I thought that one of the main selling points of the game was the removal of the Gold requirement. If they haven’t followed through on that, that might be an entirely new angle for the community to be upset about. lol

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As someone that fervently plays Warframe (a free-to-play game done right in my opinion) and has been a longtime fan of Halo since that iconic first look at the first game, this is a grave insult and a waste of time and money… Worse, the “free” content is locked behind another weekly grindfest that relies squarely upon playing Fiesta matches…

Fiesta is one of the worst game modes for this type of event as it is a gametype that is heavily reliant upon RNG in order to win. If I spawn with a Plasma Pistol and a Mangler while the enemy spawns with a Sniper Rifle and a Rocket Launcher, who is going to win? I’ll give you a hint: it isn’t going to be me. I only played two games and I was already thoroughly annoyed with this event.

Personally, I think that a simple Energy Sword gametype would have been better, more balanced, and more thematic for an event that celebrates samurais.

Overall, my Halo Infinite experience has been thoroughly soured by this show of corporate greed and corruption and I will have no part of it.

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Now imagine paying for your internet and XBL Gold.

saying “im confused” makes you sound helpless and dumb to be frank.

It is so sad because the game is awesome. Even CoD and BF give 343/MS the space to reclaim the throne of FPS.

The best think we can do is not buy the next Battlepass / boosts / cosmetics until they make a change in their current monetization direction, otherwise we will be giving them a green light to keep doing it.

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Yeah I can’t say “f*** customization” is a very popular opinion around these parts

The person that you are responding to does not need to like what their “fellow” players like…

OK. I will check it out.

I have only done a couple of matches. I sucked so bad that I’m back on the Bots practicing. At this stage, I’m thinking I might need to get a better controller for my X-Box, one of those custom ones with the buttons underneath that can be mapped. Having to move off the thumbsticks is causing me grief.

I looked at your link and I need Game Pass… So much for FTP. :frowning:

saying “im confused” makes you sound helpless and dumb to be frank.

I can see why an insecure person would think that.

Ah man, that sucks. You should post about that. But like, not in an over-aggressive way like I’ve seen lately. This is a legitimate concern.

The event goes for 3 weeks so that you have a core with nothing on it, meanwhile the cash shop has items to put on the new core.
everything is done for shareholders

You and Big_del_9021 are both right. If it’s overpriced then vote with your wallet and don’t buy anything. You can still play a good MP game anyway. Even so, you are right about the aggressive pricing of cosmetics which is even hard to spot in a game while shooting a litteral candle (shield glow) walking in front of you.

Sadly the -Yoink!- marketing strategy is working right now because I’ve seen already so many shop cosmetics it’ ain’t normal. I have the feeling most kids these days don’t know that 15 years ago you paid 60$ for a game and got a full game with every extra there was.

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I was very dissapointed to find out that the armor from the promotional art isn’t in the event pass. It feels like a deceptive move to me. Then to see the cost of the swords in the shop was shocking. In the future I would like to see event passes with more of the event cosmetics included, especially the promotional components. I understand selling some other components in the shop but prices need to be reevaluated, i find the current prices unreasonable and a little insulting. I think I would be more willing to spend money in the shop if current prices were divided by 4 or 5.

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When did I say they had to like what I like?