Most annoying random respawn BTB map list

(English isn’t my native language, sorry for some syntax wrong which I don’t know)

Couple month ago in BTB, players are respawn like randomly. Says I was played as BLUE team, here’s my definition of “random respawn” :

  • I’ll been respawn in RED team side(and of course get killed immediately) - Respawn back to BLUE team side and enemy respawn near by and behind me soon, RED team got an easy kill. - Me respawn in RED team side again and surround by 3 or 4 enemies, all I can do is watching them doing “Corpse Humping(Teabagging)” and wait until next respawn…As my experience, while play in the following maps will have VERY MUCH random respawn(and die) :

  • SideSwipe (the most !!!) - Dispelled - CrossBow - Fossil - Fracture - Traffic Jam - VoyagerHowever, the map “Viking” are clearly large and been split into 2 side, but with very few random respawn happened, that’s probably the most reason I love this map.

I really hope that we will never face same situation in HaloInfinite, even though I had same random respawn experience during beta test…
343i, please made right things, made things right isn’t enough.