Most annoying multiplayer strategy?

Hey everyone! Since we’ve all had plenty of time to play Halo Infinite multiplayer now, I was wondering what the most annoying strategy you run into is. For example, I can’t stand when my opponent constantly jumps to try to get the upper hand, and that goes double for tactical slayer (it will always be swat to me). It’s not the end of the world, but it’s definitely a pain to deal with. I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this!

Grenade spamming so much you do more damage to your team in ranked.

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When you and your teammate 2v1 a guy and he lobs a grenade after the fight is done and kills you… every time.

‘He’ being my teammate.

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Yeah that is mega annoying.

I also hate it when my team mate runs away from a 2v1 leaving the enemy player one shot from being dead.

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When the carrier of the Oddball throws it out of the map, causing it to respawn.

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Every single time… especially at the start. Lol


people in FFA not moving and staying in corners until you walk past, or maybe find and begin fighting with another person only for them to burst from a hiding spot then go into hiding again.

Played a bunch of FFA games happened every time. ran the perimeter whole map 2 times before I found a enemy (in a full game mind you) all of the idiots were in corners near the center. Not moving at all just crouched in corners. not even fighting really.

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