Morons in Big Team Battle

Ok, I’ve played a few CTF games in BTB, and something weird has happened in about 2 or 3 of these games. Someone on my team took the enemy flag, successfully made it back to our base, but didn’t deliver the flag. Instead, they just stood there and waited for god knows what for the entire match. They still reacted to other players and defended themselves, but why the hell would anyone do that!?

Was your flag away? That would be the only logical explanation.

I’m assuming his flag wasn’t there which means he couldn’t score until it was.

Probably to be -Yoinks!-. Or to extend the game as long as they could

I have bad luck in Warzone especially because I always end up with the scrubs on my team. There are a lot of idiots in Arena as well especially the team killers, don’t even get me started with the squeakers.

Can confirm i have done this, just to see how big a spree i could get while holding the flag

Common strategy when you have someone else in your party who’s on a high killstreak. I’ve done it to draw out a game to see if my friend can get that untouchable before capping.

Seems like they just wanted to get you kills.

Personally, I’d be grateful if I was having a good game.

Objective based games should be their own list. People get forced into playing them when they just want to play slayer small team or Big team. So of course they ignore the objective.

racking up commendations most likely, stat padding

if you havent betrayed anyone all game you are allowed a free one, go ahead and give him a love tap and cap the flag

just be careful if you betray a second time in the same match the player gets the option to boot you