Moronic management of halo multiplayer

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they have made a great game and done an amazing job at killing it. It blows my mind at the stupidity of the playlists and even the lack of gamemodes. What’s worse is they purposely held back content to release it in monthly updates to appear like they are really “engaging” with their fans.
you finally release doubles and a social playlist or should i say social snipers…and then remove it, like seriously what’s your thought process behind that? halo 3 at LAUNCH had 11 playlists can you believe that halo 5 still has only 6 arena playlists and they are all basically slayer playlists where’s the variety? could you ever imagine a halo game would not have oddball and KOTH? Where’s the wacky fun gametypes from action sack? where’s the proper social playlists? where’s the objective playlist (even thought there’s only CTF and strongolds)? Where the proper vehicle combat? This is why halo is now 10th most played and i don’t think it will recover. I remember i mentioned the playlist issue before release and everyone was jumping on the bandwagon “just be patient it will be released in time” that’s a great philosophy for building a game franchise.

I don’t think there is an rebuttal to your argument. It is a damn shame that Halo 3 8 years ago released with all these features that are now in 2015’s version of the franchise either missing entirely from the game, or poorly implemented. I don’t really understand the lack of playlists though it seems easy enough to me to add more playlists. The only reasoning could be that the game’s population has had a decrease so large that they do not want to further split up the player base with that many playlists.

I think the only thing that we can all agree on is that halo will never be what it once was. Fancy boosting mechanics were never what this game needed. Bungie started the change and 343 ran with it. Halo 3 was an amazing game. Update graphics…hit detection…weapon balance…add weapons…maybe increase the base movement speed…and dont remove features that the old game had! THAT IS CRAZY! the new game should ADD features…not remove!

yea you are right halo went downhill with reach. It’s not easy from a developer standpoint of trying to make a “new” game feel different but as soon as they change the core gameplay of what the originals were it’s game over, gears of war is another example. I honestly don’t think the senior management or investors would have the balls to say ok let’s go back to basics no gimmicks halo 1/2/3 style gameplay with no flashy crap added. I think they see it as a necessary thing to sell copies