more warzone

I love warzone but there should be a warzone slayer and other objective warzone like ctf or team req points were the whole team has a set amount of req points and cards to use and thats all

When it comes to warzone I hope they make warzone assult maps that are made with the game mode in mind and not just a cut off portion of the existing maps. Such as make a map similar to Spire in Halo: Reach. A reimagining of sandtrap could do really well as a normal warzone map. You mention caputre the flag as a game mode but I think having one CTF point with the player size of warzone would be a little too much, I think it would be more interesting if there was three flags for each team placed at a defendable position and when the flag was taken back to your core room and counted as a capture the flag wouldn’t respawn making it so the losing team could compress it’s defenses to it’s two flags left and then at the end its final flag. The game could go till one team gets all three, I think the final flag would also make for some good gameplay where you try and make a final stand while you still try and sneak people around their attack to cap their flags. Slayer seems a little unnecessary for warzone and could beniftit more from having an objective. Some sort of VIP esscort game mode could be fun as long as who ever the VIP is on your team is at least okay. I do agree warzone needs more at the moment.

I agree with forgottenpenny

Orthochip your input is very good and detailed the three stage capture the flag is brilliant and v.i.p is cool but it might be boring for the v.i.p if he just has to stand there maybe the more kills there team gets the bigger buffs he gets speed boosts, over sheilds, higher powered weapons. And always unlimited ammo