More vehicles in BTB?

Maybe it’s just me but I feel as though BTB is missing something and I think that something is vehicles. I mean, that’s the reason I play BTB is for the vehicles. What ever happened to all the BTB vehicles that were in halo 4? There’s only one map with a wraith and one with a banshee (they took off the mantis in that one). There are only ghosts or gungooses in practically every map. Maybe a warthog too but still. If the maps are to small for a bunch of vehicles then make bigger maps. Or just make a totally new “heavies” gametype. That’d be fine too. (Warzone takes to long to get a good vehicle and it’s kind of… boring compared to big team in my opinion)

There’s not enough legitimately big maps in Halo 5 for my tastes. The Headlong remake is kind of what I like, but I just want something with a larger scale with vehicles.
Like Coagulation, but not another fricken Coagulation remake.
Something like Waterworks or Containment from Halo 2. Those maps were so sweet to play on.
(Yes, i’m saying were so sweet, because MCC Halo 2 matchmaking works about once in a 100 years under the light of a blue moon for me to actually find people.)