More Variety of Weapons and Vehicles in Halo 6

Over the past few Halo releases, guns have been cut from games and some have been added. For example, it confuses me in terms of lore that Reach had a bigger variety of weapons and vehicles then Halo 4 (Revenant, Golf Club, Grenade Launcher, etc.). I think 343 should just go all out with the sandbox for Halo 6. Bringing back favorites like the Hornet, Falcon, Revenant, Golf Club, etc but bringing in some new weapons.

List of new Weapons and Vehicles that should be added in Halo 6

  • Covenant Style Shotgun - Covenant equivalent to a SAW - UNSC equivalent to an Energy Sword (like the thing that one Stormtrooper used to fight Finn in Force Awakens) - Promethean equivalent to an Energy Sword (take the blade that the Knights use) - Promethean equivalent to a SAW - Promethean equivalent to a Grenade Launcher (Splinter Launcher?) - Promethean equivalent to a Ghost - Promethean equivalent to a Warthog - Promethean Tank? (Sounds OP) - Two Seater Promethean Air Vehicle - Two Seater Covenant Air VehicleWeapons and Vehicles that should return

  • Stick Detonator - Golf Club - Grenade Launcher - Target Laser - Plasma Repeater - Needler Rifle - Focus Rifle - Revenant - Hornet - Falcon - Gungoose (Halo 2 Anniversary Style Gungoose)If you think there should be anymore that should returned, added, or not, feel free to reply. I just image the large scale battles Halo 6 can have with the existing Sandbox plus this sandbox.

Nah, we don’t need all of those clones. You’re suggesting there be 3 swords… I get that an aesthetic change would be cool, but adding clones to the sandbox DOES NOT create more depth to gameplay. Halo 5 already has a ton of variation in Warzone.

I think that it waaaayyyyy too much.

There’s enough redundant weapons as it is.

If you have three versions of every weapon, each race loses some of its uniqueness. One SAW is enough, we don’t need four melee weapons, or three shotguns. Having multiple seater vehicles doesn’t fit covenant tactics, except with the Wraith. I don’t think creating new Promethean vehicles would be a good idea. It doesn’t fit their fighting style to have multiple unit vehicles at all. Maybe like a single seater gungoose sort of, but… not warthog. We don’t need a Promethian tank because the Battlewagons are a living killing machine, even more so than hunters.
However, I do think that a Promethian grenade-launcher of sorts would fit their style and be pretty cool. Maybe it shoots splinter grenades, or a weakened version of them.

The Golf club and Plasma repeater were clones of a different weapon, focus rifle and needler rifle were replaced by binary rifle and carbine. I agree with the revenant/hornet/falcon.

Each race has its own distinct style, and making clones of every weapon for each race would remove that entirely. And from a literal standpoint, these races aren’t going to be copying eachothers’ weapon concepts, because it doesn’t fit how their soldiers operate, and would be less effective than a more developed version of the weapons they use now.
Generally how I see it:
UNSC - precision, defensive, team-oriented
Covenant - DPS/spam, offensive, squad/quantity-oriented
Promethean - AoE burst, mixed offensive-defensive, solo-oriented

I fail to see how copy pasting the same weapons three times is variety

I agree with most of what he suggested. If 343 is going to put a new weapon in a halo game they should keep it in for the next halo game. Same with vehicles. You think it would ruin the gameplay but I think it would enhance the multiplayer if we had all of those things. It create such an immersive battlefield on large maps. All the different varieties of enemies and weapons and vehicles you would face. Because in war, militaries don’t use just one variant of a vehicle type in a war. They use multiple, and thats what comes winning an loosing and having a good time in halo come down to; skill and variety of different yet similar usable mechanics in the game.

PS 343 needs to bring in more new weapons to the game, one new weapon every 3 years is not going to cut it. REQ pack enhanced weapons don’t count as new.

We already have duplicates, we don’t need more.

A unique sandbox is the best sandbox, H5’s 3 weapons for every type is already too much.

Unless new weapons are unique and distinct to each other, having those will not add variety to the game.

More variety yes, 16 different warthogs, no.