More uses of Spartan IVs?

I actually thought it would be cool if there was a Spartan Ops episode, where we meet up with Majestic and do like a co-operative play through. I mean you guys remember playing with the Spartans IV’s on Infinity and on the Shootout in Valhalla missions.

I feel the Spartans IV’s aren’t really getting the shine they’re supposed to. I mean yes we have Spartan Ops and War Games. But think about the Thursday War they are the Highlight on the main cover yet barely get used or mentioned. I mean look at them, the next generation of the Orion project yet we rarely see them. I though in Invasion we would be at least playing with out Spartans you even hear on one of the intercoms that a Spartan team was supposed to reinforce us.

So with that being said what would you guys like to the see the Spartans do?

I love being able to fight alongside NPCs in spartan ops yet it doesn’t happen enough, the marines always get killed, we got spartan ivs on ragrarok but that is all i can remember.

I’d love to fight alongside some marines or spartan ivs in spartan ops more often and even maybe Master Chief in the future :stuck_out_tongue: