More Teamwork oriented Vehicles...

Halo 5 Guardians would benefit from the addition of multiple team work oriented vehicles. In warzone the only team work you do in a vehicle is a warthog. A Thing the fans want is a falcon, a UNSC flying teamwork based vehicle and different req variants are already designed like the grenadier falcon and even the transport falcon. An idea I thought would be cool but a bit unpractical would be a mantis where there are three seats, one player moves the legs, one player mans a regular mounted gun and the other player could man another mounted machine gun or even a rocket launcher.

More things That should be added to Halo 5.

  • More streamlined controls for forge–
    I like how expansive halo 5’s forge is but I know that people were turned off by the controls of the new halo 5 forge; yeah people should learn to use the new controls but the new controls seem to advance for casual forgers, so it would bring back the casual forgers back to forge with this addition.
  • make it so you can change game settings in forge–
    A thing i’ve encountered while trying to forge is the fact how you cant change the game settings in forge with this small feature you can test if your maps can work with different jump heights and speeds plus if you make videos the option to enable machinima controls to forge would be really helpful.

Please tell me what you think would help halo 5!