More stat results at the end of matches

Mostly I would like shot accuracy results for all games, accuracy is what matters to me.

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I would love more stats.

Especially around damage. For. Against. Effective (leading to a kill). Escaped. Initiated. Distance. Weapon type.

And I wish they would open the API to the public.

Me too. 60% plus and proud of it.

But I’m trying to let go. It’s bad for my rank. I need to fire more shots to help my team. Cover and hold areas. Shoot to stop enemies peeking. Good for the team but bad for my personal stat.

Getting kills is the way to win, but if you are playing good players and you have low accuracy you will lose one on one’s most of the time. I find panic shooting does me in, my accuracy goes kaput.

Definitely. In a 1v1 it’s all about the accuracy and the head shot.

But the good players peek and shoot high target zones (eg. doorways) to control space. A lot of those shots aren’t expected to hit.

They take long range shots in the hope of a couple of hits to make it easier for team mates.

Those things are what I’m talking about. Good strategy shooting for the team. Not so much for your personal stats.