More sangheili armor

I think it would be super cool if we could get some more awesome Sangheili armor. Orher than season 7, all we have been getting is Spartan armor, we haven’t gotten any new sangheili stuff other than season 7 and compared to what the spartans got, it is barely anything. I would like to have a similar variety in armors that the spartan players have, it would especially be cool if we could get armors for Halo 2 sangheili and spartans as well.

What do y’all think?


Was also just about to make a thread to bring up Elite armor…
All we’ve gotten were a measly 7 of the Halo Online armor sets, in a season titled “elite” that was just half Spartan stuff anyway, and the primary/secondary/tertiary color layouts on them weren’t fixed unlike the Spartan armors that were added, leaving them just horrendous seemingly random paint jobs that the tertiary color doesn’t even show up on…

The new helmets also use a new head model with no jaw animations that just always has it’s mouth open but motionless, which looks weird; and the new undersuit looks nice, but completely different from the old one, it’d be nice to have one with the more simpler older texture as well, last thing as always about the Halo 3 elites, I’d really like to be able to use visor colors on the helmets like Assault, Flight, and Ascetic, back accessories would be lit as well…

One more thing, I still really wish Reach elites had piece by piece customization, and Halo 2 had it’s sets from the campaign, as well as maybe backports of the OG Halo 3 sets.


They should let us apply back accessories for elites as well, as the grunt plushie would go perfect with my Ascetic set with a grunt emblem. They sort of just dropped season 7 to shut us up and then went back to only making Spartan content again, which is genuinely insulting.


I agree, it is. And it didn’t shut all of us up


I have always been a fan of the elites and since season 4 I have been requesting content for them and after season 7 I have continued to request content such as:
-more armor for elites in all games

  • piece by piece customization for halo reach elites
    -the armor of the storm elites in halo 2A or some remastering of the armor of the elites of classic H2
    -Missing covenant vehicle and weapon skins (such as the ultra skin for the banshee)
    -choose from elite tech suits in halo 3
    -Change the color of the lights on the armors of the elites for all games.

I’m happy with what we’ve gotten. The main update for Elites I’d like to see now is fully customizable armor in Reach. It would be especially cool to see Elites added to H4, using the H2A models, or their armor from H4 as a base, but I see that being super unlikely (for CE as well(


I’m alittle bit put off by how the new Elite Armor is textured, they look too rugged compared to the vanilla sets.

While it can be a good thing to diversify the pieces, it looks foreign when blended with the vanilla pieces.

It clashes two completely different designs. They look too dirtied in some places and squeaky-clean.

It somehow still works just like it’s Spartan counterpart but It’d work better if they changed the detailing/material to fit align with the Halo 3 style like with Raven’s.

You make a good point on the helmets. They are questionable with the designs taking alot of inspiration mostly from H4, H5’s, though I see Reach vibes coming out of them.

These armor sets slap and go hard but they kinda fall in similar texturing style as Halo Online Spartan armors which can make it feel alittle out of place.

However, they don’t look dirtied, more so complex in detail.

It’d be really appreciated if they could give us something more simpler like you said, something like Raven’s armor sets where they look like they could fit a place in Halo 3 as their texturing appear closely to the vanilla armors.


I’d love more Elite sets from H:O, however I’d want them to bring over the Cleric set first and foremost since it would also address the issue with the current armor sets still using the incorrect Elite waist armor. to my understanding it was the set that was used to store additional assets for the H:O Elite armors in general, such as sleeves for the original arms and the waist armor for the all the legs.


Hey, just so you know, I was told that all of the various armor does nothing at all and has no impact on your MCC experience. I have never changed whatever armor I started with earlier this year and have no problems at all in matchmaking. Are there certain armor pieces I should be buying with my 360 blue/yellow cubes that would be beneficial?

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I don’t play as an Elite but I agree they need more armour added. Certainly at least H3 Arbiter armour added to H3.


This armo”u”r that you mention, what would it do? Currently none of it does anything and as such it is all useless. It would be nice to see it all reworked to have actual effects, most notably the sniper shoulder and health pack leg ones.

actually, ignoring theatre and player personalization, new Elite armor is far from useless, especially now that mod tools have been made available to Halo 3 players for the first time. Already modders are hard at work making use of the current sets and there extended lore to create new enemy encounters, allied units, and custom levels, as the armor sets help to expand upon the Elite faction as a whole.

Regardless, it seems like you’re more interested in discussing your grievances with character customization in the Halo series as a whole rather than the topic of this particular thread. It would be advisable that you create a new thread if you wish to discuss a new topic, as opposed to derailing unrelated threads to the topic you wish to discuss.


I have to admit, I have very poor experiences with modders based on my previous Halo experiences. All I can picture are warthogs flying above the map one-shotting everyone and zombies with DMR’s. Are actual reputable modders trying to make use of the various armor? If so, I’m very intrigued and would love to hear more about it

Not all modding is multiplayer hacking, most of it isn’t.
People who make singleplayer mods can make elite ranks that use the new armor sets.


Regardless of my opinions on them and their ideas in particular, I believe the SPV3 team was considering it when discussing doing an SPVH3.

Outside of that, a ton of smaller modders have been working on them for a while now, heck, even a few have been taking the more out there spartan sets to try and make a few forerunner/promethean enemies.

But again: the points been made that the armors are far from useless many times over, and further discussion for that is a topic for another thread, the topic here is ultimately for Elite customization and what kinds people wanna see (I personally want the remaining H:O stuff myself, especially Cleric and Chalaro, the former for the fixes to the other sets, the latter cause I love it’s looks)

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I’m grateful for the armor we did get, but Elites are still left in the dust compared to Spartan customization. Fingers crossed that 343 will listen to us again and add more Elite armor.