More response curves for controller

Currently, there are options to change the speed at which you go along the response curve, but there are no options available to change the nature of the curve itself. Apex Legends has advanced look controls for controller with a wide selection of response curves, ranging from 0-20, flat curves to sharp curves. The option of having a flat curve, similar to having no acceleration on mouse, is something I sorely miss while playing Infinite. I feel locked into this clunky response curve that doesn’t respond well to microadjustments and small movements on the stick. Introducing an option for a more linear curve would allow for more finesse and skill expression by players who have grown to appreciate that style of aiming. I also believe linear-style and classic-style have separate pros and cons, and that could make for an interesting dynamic between competitive players. Please consider!


I would love this. I for most apart just want something like modern aiming from mcc, but that be even better.

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Please please please @343. Do this. Add presets for each Halo game including MCC’s modern aiming setting.

This alone with breathe some life back into the game.


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