More realistic RADAR?

OK to start off I have no problem with how the RADAR looks and acts like in Halo 4. I just have an idea of what the RADAR could have been. For me personally I thought the Spartan’s RADAR and especially the Falcon’s RADAR were a little too overpowered. Now I don’t really care about the Spartan’s but the Falcon’s can track the whole map pretty much! For example if the Falcon was in the Coliseum on Forge World and I was in the canyon, the Falcon could easily track me down.


I had an idea to fix this for Halo 4’s flying vehicles. I’m going to use a Pelican as an example. If the Pelican is flying near some mountains, the Radar’s waves should be able to bounce off the walls and come back to you, making the RADAR unable to trust. That would be really cool because a red dot would appear on the right even though it’s actually on the left.

Now I know some people are going to say that Halo 4 takes place 500 years in the future and that it’s not supposed to be realistic but just think about it. 343i should keep the huge distance that the Falcon had but put in the idea I just had.

Well, there was and never will be a multiplayer map as big as FW, so whatever.

Anyways, just make the range smaller or remove radar on it altogether. Two simple solutions.

Technically its not a radar. Its a motion tracker. Which is why you can fool it by moving slowly.