More Problems w/ Halo 5 Shame on you 343/Microsoft

So, I’m having more issues with 343’s Halo/Microsoft that has complicated, convoluted solutions. First it was the enormous update upon just purchasing the game. Second it’s various shortcomings found in multiplayer (why can’t I see the medals I’ve earned throughout the match?!) Finally it’s with this new Shadow and Light Update.

The update will not download, and I am exhausting all options. The last and final option is download the offline network diagnostics tool for XBox One. For those not familiar, you have to go through a myriad of steps: get a USB, format it to NTFS, download the tool, have it run for an extended time on your XBox One, etc. All of this for an update?! The troubleshooter said that if this doesn’t work my Xbox will need to be repaired - definitely for a fee. I don’t understand how I was playing Halo last night, and now my XBox might have to be repaired. For shame Microsoft and 343. I am watching the death throes of a legendary franchise that I grew up with. If major improvements are not made to the Halo franchise in the near future, you will lose one more fan.

Tighten up!

Worked for me. Looks like your SOL. It’s your network not 343, or Microsoft.

Mine was stuck at 76% I turned it off and on and surprise it was already downloaded, played four games with no issues.