More Playable Characters

I’m not sure how you guys feel about it, but I think it would be kind of cool to play as the enemy such as being covenant, promethean, or flood. Yes, I know Halo 2 you played as the Arbiter for a few missions, and in Halo 4 infection you were “technically flood”. But I think it’d be a cool experience to almost make it a Hoarde or Beast mode like from GOW (not really sure, didn’t play much Gears). Be able to choose between Grunt, Jackal, Elite, Hunter(limit 2 per team of course) and they could go up against the flood and and you could be a Flood Infection Form, Flood Carrier, Flood Tank, etc… I really don’t know if this would work or not, but I would like to see if this is something the rest of the community would be interested in, and if so how do you think it would be best implemented? Do you like my idea of a Hoarde/Beast mode, or would you like it to be implemented some other way? Let me Know!!

Also, and this is for multiplayer strictly, would you like to be able to play as a Brute in Multiplayer? I personally don’t see an issue as long as the hitbox is the same and balanced. It’s essentially the equivalent as Playing an Elite, which nobody really has an issue with. I personally only play as a Spartan, but I’d love to see some variety. Tell me what you think?

Cool concept, would be an interesting addition to any Halo. Would personally play as Elites 24/7.

I want a campaign like fall of Cybertron where you play as multiple characters, each with different skills and missions.

Personally, I would like to see a variety of Spartans that are actually playable this time around.


Let me play as Master Chief the entire game. Never liked Arbiter.

I would love that, and frankly I love it when you have the option to have a variety of characters to choose from to play as. I would probably play as the Arbiter (or any Elite) and a Promethean the most.

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> Dislike.
> Let me play as Master Chief the entire game. Never liked Arbiter.

Normally, I like the chief, but these kinds of comments make me really wish that we can just move on from him ASAP.