More Permanent Playlists?

Hey community, I want to discuss Halo 5’s playlists. Keep in mind that this is subject to opinion, let’s keep it positive.

As you know, recently, Super Fiesta was featured for a while, but I felt like something was stopping me from playing it. I could not put my finger on it until it was removed. My conclusion: I felt less inclined to play Super Fiesta because it was temporary. Now, you might ask; ‘How does that make sense?’ Now, that seems counter-intuitive, but just hear me out. 343 makes these playlists like events, keeping them for only a limited amount of time, and they think it will bring back players. They are convinced that new players will be attracted towards these limited edition playlists just because they blip and disappear. In some respects, it does introduce players to these game modes, but by doing this, you disregard the majority of the community because you LIMIT OUR OPTIONS. We want to play Fiesta whenever, and not feel like it’s going away soon. 343, we want more things to play! I understand how hard you guys are working on infection and how well you guys did grifball, but I don’t think that’s going to cut it. We like playing team snipers, so why don’t you let us play more of it? I don’t understand their logic; why remove the playlist when players want to keep playing it? I think that keeping these fun game modes to play will in fact bring more players back and new alike. We aren’t going to get tired of them either because there are more things to keep playing! Look at Halo 3. It had quite a few social playlists going on, and it lasted for so long. By the same logic, Halo 5 can achieve that longevity if we got more say in how we play Halo. The problem with 343 is that they are so focused on their player count that they lose track of whether people enjoy what they have. I wish they could trust us as players more to keep on playing Halo. They constrict where and when we play, and I think that is turning off masses of people including myself. There are endless possibilities for fun playlists in Halo, but 343 is NOT TAKING ADVANTAGE OF IT. Super Fiesta, Shotty SNipers, Rocket Slayer, BR Slayer, Team Doubles. Hell, even community-centered playlists would be amazing. Dogfight, Sumo, Castle Wars, Jenga Tower. I was playing Jenga Tower with my friends earlier today, and it was a blast. Imagine that with match-made people. It would bring us closer as a community together by bringing back more players and options to choose. Sure, I’m all for hosting weekly playlist events to attract new players, but do not take away other options, that only decreases your playerbase. Because, as soon as you take variation away, the people that live for those playlists will leave, and then what you tried to accomplish would backfire. You’re shooting yourself in the foot, 343.

Here’s the main takeaway: More playlists=more options=more players=better halo=more fun. 343, if you ever stumble upon this post, please truly, truly consider this.
Here’s a great video summing my thoughts:
The more people that requst this, 343 will hear, and we will get our playlists.