More Penalties for AFK in ranked

There is absolutely no reason why someone should be absent during ranked gameplay. Even if a controller battery dies it does not take five mins to change it. Often I am put into games where this happens. When I say often: one is too many. There is no reason why a player should be able to potentially harm others ranks and just jump right into the next game.

Reduce the timeout clock. I would make it no more than one minute. If you are kicked for being absent you should automatically drop in division and be banned for 5min (with increasing time for repeated offenses), with potential lifetime ban from ranked games.

If a player doesn’t have the time to commit to a ranked game the answer is simple…do not join Arena gameplay. Currently as it is now, the system is way too forgiving to unsportsmanlike behaviors.

I think part of the issue is the “Automatic” joining of the next game after a match is over. I’ve HEARD people, over their mics/kinect moving around and talking to other people in the background, but their character is not moving in the game at all. It’s like they stepped away from the game not knowing they were still in the queue and automatically joined the next match.
Perhaps they need to add a ‘confirmation’ option before the game puts you back into the queue to search and join the very next match.