More options in Custom Games

A couple of things stuck out to me while tinkering with Custom Games. I don’t understand why there isn’t an option to start players off with certain equipments. I think having a game full of sword wielding grapplers would be fun. Also not having the option to change all of the weapon spawns bothers me. I tried to setup an old school Halo 2 infection game mode but I couldn’t set up shotguns all over the map. Also, Infection is missing lol. Thanks devs.

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Yeah, that’s been messing with me too. I wanted to create a gamemode where it’s just grappleshots and manglers, but I can’t set starter equipment.

This would be easier to fix than most of the complaints on here I think. Problem is I feel the devs are more concerned with competitive multiplayer rather than casual.

TBF, I’m actually surprised with how robust the custom games options are given we don’t have Forge yet.

So I agree with your point, but overall I’m exciting to see what’s in store when we get the full access to the playground :smiley:

Unfortunately I don’t think we will see these options or have the full customization we want for Custom Games until Forge is released.

Oh absolutely, I mean there’s an option for strafe and slide speeds lol. I just think more agency with equipment and weapons will give Customs that old Halo magic.

Oh yeah, I went full TItanfall with 300% sprint speed and 90% slide. I wanna try and make slide/race tracks haha.

As far as Infinite once it’s running on all cylinders, it’s shaping up to be this era’s Halo 3 to me. :smiley:

I’d really like a transparent statement about 343’s intention to restore gametypes and custom game options.

Are they just going to let us have them? Or will they be locked inside of the slow rollout of the Live Service Game model?

I’m especially concerned about custom game options, because customs don’t feed into the monetization system. Can we trust that 343 will work quickly to provide legacy content that we’ve come to expect, even if it falls outside of the FTP XP ecosystem?

I’ve already had friends express hesitation about playing custom games, because they won’t earn XP, and that’s my worst nightmare.

I don’t care about the FTP model. Just give me the gametype variety and options that I’ve come to expect.