More Npc's available in Matchmaking for Halo 4.

Would you enjoy a more Npc articulated sandbox based map variant(s). Could Squad Slayer, Generator Defense, and Invasion be re-invented? In which a player(s) are engaged in a more tactile sense of game play, based on his or her objective and Npc squad level. Where orders could be established to Npc’s in a matchmaking game. Allowing players to command a Squad of marine class veterans and Spartans alike toward the covenant or vice-versa. Does the idea of Forge and Firefight combined sound like a good idea to you? Please give me your thought’s on whether or not you believe this is a good or bad improvement. Lastly, should Halo incorporate a rewind option in Theater mode?


Npc’s in invasion, generator defense, and firefight only.

Exactly, but now Npc’s can play a bigger part of the ranking system featured in Halo. And plus a players rank could determine the dynamic of your Ai’s focus. If you use Automatic weapons more, then your Npc team reverts to your style of play with Automatic weapons. If you use grenades and heavy weapons more often, then they will as well. If you would like them to operate in a different style then earn Skulls; However, offline or in customs the default version of these skulls are all available, just like it is in Campaign. Furthermore skulls online could play apart of your Halo Squadron experience. Based on the game type, your Squad will receive a default skull perk to get you started and you get to choose what skull fits your style of play. If in the field, your health percentages stay moderately higher than other’s, then you will earn that skull and add to your option(s) in that style and possibly earn a achievement for your efforts. Now Achievements are no longer only earn-able, but can now be used for the players benefit’s and style’s. Three Skull categories are as follows (1)Assault (2)Precision (3)Grenadier. They are all the same, even if you are playing as Elite’s. Weapon’s are however different for the covenant.

look at firefight now, and then look at MM

notice that in MM there are no NPC’s
notice how in firefight there are NPC’s

Notice how Firefight is a laggy hell 80% of the time
Notice how MM is clean 90% of the time

now, if 343 can find a way to implement AI/NPC’s into a game without lagging it up, they will be 30x better that bungie

i’m sure they can find a way

Thank’s for that feedback, I really appreciate it. I take it, even if they couldn’t achieve it in (MM), you still like this idea. So thanks again.

No, never gonna happen. It’s a lot more enjoyable PVP.

If they made a Battlefront game then that would be incredible, but in terms of the core series, no.

No. It would be laggy, and NPC’s can never be compared to the better players, all the jumps and tricks the NPC will never be able to do. NPC’s will only let their team down so i say no.