More nameplats

can it be possible for 343 to make new nameplates in halo reach?
i like the nameplates i got but i think it would be interesting to see some new ones, does anyone else agree?

I’d love one that says 343i, show my support to 343 :slight_smile:

Nameplates should be something unlocked by rank or achievement and can be equipped in the armory. And there should be a LOT of them. Kind of like CoD’s Titles.

For example:

  • 500 DMR kills unlocks a DMR nameplate (one for each weapon)

  • Each rank gets its own nameplate

  • Get a killtacular to get the “slayer” symbol nameplate (the spartan silhouette)

  • Win 200 games of CTF to get a flag nameplate

  • Get a double kill from the grave to get a skull nameplate

  • Get 100 splatters to get the splatter symbol nameplate

  • Drive 500 miles with the warthog to get a warthog nameplate

  • Link your GT to Waypoint for the Waypoint nameplate

  • Get a perfection for the perfection nameplate

  • Get a killionaire for the killionaire nameplate

  • Finish the campaign on legendary for the “legendary” shield nameplate

  • Get 1000 headshots to get the crosshair nameplate