More Multiplayer Maps!

I strongly think that there should be a lot more Multiplayer Maps. Currently there’s about 8? Thats Nothing if you want to be better then “Call of Duty” Which i know you do. I think there should be more Multiplayer maps that’s truly the only thing you missing… Besides the forge argument i have but please make halo 5 or Whatever your going to call it have more maps i feel like i have been scammed and i am sure so does the rest of the halo community.

Though Modern Warfare 3 has 50% more multiplayer maps than Halo 4, you must take into account that MW3’s multiplayer maps are also designed for their “alternative game mode”. Halo 4’s alternative game mode is Spartan Ops.

As I can recall, Halo 4 also has three Forge-specific maps, which I imagine will host matchmaking multiplayer maps in the future.

You’ll be getting more multiplayer maps. the first DLC comes out in December.

December - Wreckage, Harvest, and Shatter

2 more packs come out next year.