More missing Req packs here!

Hi thought I’d start another thread about more missing req packs. Played a load of games yesterday & most of my req packs go missing. Please check out the bottom of page 4 on this older thread.

I’m having the same problem, I’ve got 18 packs (that I’ve counted) that haven’t showed up in my “open req pack” menu

Same here, I’ve been playing multiple games of Warzone Firefight last 2 days and I am not recieving and req packs at all. Only time I get any packs is when I promote to new rank or daily log in pack, but nothing at all after my matches even though it says I was awarded some.

Looks like there’s a few folks dealing with this bug then! I haven’t played any games all weekend as didn’t want to loose any more req packs!

Still no sign of anyone from 343 to sort this out??