More meme references...

Of course, we all know about the trollguy face by now (if you don’t, Google it). But another slightly less thrilling meme reference is in one of the skulls, where the description is “Covenant weapons, how do they work?” Which, if you know your memes, is a reference to the “#$@%ing magnets, how do they work?” meme spawed from the ICP song.

Post more here if you’ve found any others. My apologies if this has been found and pointed out before, I haven’t been trying to ruin my experience with this game by reading all the guides/FAQs, etc.

On the Piller of Autumn, when you get to the bridge go to the bulletin board near the exit/entrance and when you look at the poster that says, “Planitoid Rising” or something like that, in the bottom left corner you will see…THE TROLL FACE XD