more melee weapons

who would more melee weapons like the katana and an axe to come in halo 4 they won;t have unique assassinations though just for varity

There isn’t really a reason to have multiple melee weapons that do the same thing.

you can melee with every weapon why would you need specific melee weapons

Seems unnecessary. We already have two that serve similar purposes. What would be the strategic pros and cons of Katanas and axes when compared to Grav Hammers and Energy Swords? And how would they be implimented in the universe? I could maybe see a brute using an axe-type weapon, but it wouldn’t be usable for the player. Katanas are ridiculous and don’t fit in with Halo lore, why people are so obsessed with them and Hayabusa is beyond me.

Halo isn’t a melee oriented game. It’s a shooter. It’s about GUNS, not swords. It’s cool to have the aliens using advanced energy weaponry and it can reflect how the species is unique culturally (example: The Elites use Swords, efficient, precisice, deadly; while the brutes use hammers which are much more primitive and painful). But they should stay with the aliens, as it doesn’t make sense for a Spartan to use them very much,