More maps/weapons in the beta?

does anyone know if they were supposed to be more maps and weapons in the full beta for Halo 5? I thought there was supposed to be more than two maps. Or they may be releasing them on different days?

I hope there are more and people have said they will spread them out through the beta.

Yes, we will be getting 2 new maps, a new weapon and a game mode through put the beta.

They stated a while ago that there will be a total of 7 maps, 11 weapons, 3 gametypes (along with 7 or so armor permutations) included in the beta. It was last week (I think) that they released a timetable on what maps and gametypes happen which week throughout the beta. Each of these timeframes lasts a week.

Gotcha. Thanks guys. Anyone have a link for the time table?