More Maps Tomorrow?

Do you think you could add some maps into the rotation tomorrow? Relay seems like a great map for infinity slayer. I’ve played Relay in custom games with friends and its plays real well. Also I hope you use some community creations in war games, as I’ve seen a lot of great content so far.

Lol I just posted same exact thread asking the same thing. I definitely hope so bro

  1. Yes
  2. That will decrease chances of Ragnarok and Haven showing up in voting options, so double yes!

Definitely yes (: I would love 343 if they put in some more maps, especially some community creations (I’'ve seen a few fantastic remakes of lockout, uncaged and so on…)

We must get more maps. The 5 that are in IS are getting pretty boring now… And Complex sucks so everytime that gets voted I quit. So I only have 4 playable maps. Unless I go to BTB to get some more variety.

Every time I get Complex, the entire enemy team hides inside of a wall glitch. Other than that I have no qualms about the map. Complex played extremely well until the hiding spot was exposed.

Why do people hate Ragnarok?

They don’t hate ragnarok, they’re only annoyed because it’s picked everytime when it’s in the Voting round…

> Why do people hate Ragnarok?

Yeah I don’t get that, I quite like the map. Surprised there isn’t more dislike for Meltdown, what an awful map.

PLEASE add more maps and fix the -Yoinking!- wall glitch on complex, enemy team just hides the whole game, usually with the oddball or flag too.