More maps or maybe remove the voting system

Big fan of Halo 4, loving everything about it but for some reason my interest for MP is declining. It is not because the MP is bad, it is because I’m bored of always playing Ragnarok. Ragnarok is a great map but I have probably played 60% of all my BTB games on this map, I would say that it is probably 60% Ragnarok, 30% Exile and 10% Longbow. I have played on Meltdown exactly 2 times since the release, granted Meltdown is not as good as Ragnarok och Exile but I would still like to play it every now and again.

Removing the voting system would be one option but that feels really wrong, the best map should be played the most even if ragnarok is taking it too far at the moment.

I think the problem is the number of maps we are given. 8-10 maps it pretty much standard but it doesn’t work with Halo, BTB and Team Slayer are the two biggest playlist and they can’t play on each others maps. So as a BTB player it is like 343 released a game with only 5 maps.

So 343 why don’t you start a new trend, ship a game with 16 maps. You can still have your map pack DLC but people will keep playing and being interest in the game til those map packs are released.

And yes there will always be some maps that are played less and there will always be some maps that are super popular, but instead of it being just two maps (Ragnarok and Exile at the moment)there might be 4-5 maps.

This just might be a problem that only I have but I really wanted it out there.

And a question, the new map pack that is arriving on decemeber 10th, will those maps go into rotation on day one or will you have to go to a separate playlist to be able to play them?