More Maps in Infinity Slayer and TS Pro

I don’t understand why I’m stuck playing the same 5 maps in these 2 playlists. There are 2 more maps that would be perfectly viable in these playlists (Impact and the one with the blood gulch bases). Why not add these 2 maps in to give some variety, the current 5 maps are getting very repetitive.

The reason is because pretty much all of the other maps are vehicle based BTB maps apart from Relay. Vehicle based maps have no place in Slayer.

We need community maps or preforged maps.

halo has always been bad at map rotation and it kills the game for me. i have been playing since the 5th. and i have played about three maps all week. i have tried every playlist and still have not played on " impact " in six days. i don,t have a clue what playlist its even on. the lack of playlists and no ff are wearing me down. i know its early days and that swat is coming next week but this is a AAA game thats been three years in the making. no one wants this game to succed more than me. but i cannot play maybe five maps for a month. let the forge community loose there are thousands of talented people out there itching to showcase their maps ! and i want to play them. what about letting people chose what map they play on ie BF3. sorry for the rant.