More Maps/Gametypes for Living Dead

i love Living Dead just as much as the next guy, but playing on the same maps constantly gets annoying… i mean… sword base (or any of the LD maps for that matter) like infinity times in a row is quite frustrating. need more maps to make it more worthwhile.

They’ve done all these community maps, yet there haven’t been any community zombie maps yet…

it’s upsetting. Living Dead would have the chance to become the most popular playlist really.

Of course, there wouldn’t be ridiculous ones, where you hide in a building and “close the door” or run to a falcon and fly around laughing at the zombies, that’d be dumb. But simple zombie maps could get incredibly creative.

Thats why I don’t play Living Dead, cause all it is is Alpha zombie or Infection on default maps which is boring!

Would be nice if they added in some community Infection maps. Maybe even bring back Speed Demons on BTB maps like Hemorrhage and Boneyard.

Give my Giestbusters a go. It needs playtesting to see if the modifiers should be tweaked but the weapons and abilities are as intended.

Good Zombie Maps incoming :



These are just examples of the Community maps that I feel should be in Reach .