More maps centered around the environment...

Like the title says all the 4v4 maps currently in the H5 beta are built upon heavily by covenant or man made structures.


Truth: Covenant Ship

Pegasus: UNSC Outpost?

Eden: USNC Facility

Regret: Around a covenant structure

Empire: UNSC Facility

Now I am not saying this is a bad thing, as long as the maps are balanced, play well etc its not an issue. But I don’t know about you but I am starting to get sick of the same walls re occurring and no really back drop to the environment or any interaction with it. I want variation…

What I believe is that some of these 4v4 maps can perhaps take place in different environments (perhaps fitting with the H5 campaign or not) such as:

  1. The Jungle

Imagine massive tress surrounding you, thick lush grass, bushes and logs blocking or hindering entrances to get to a power weapon. Snipers could perch on branches high above the battle, guerrilla warfare with ambushing targets etc. Think of the possibilities with this!!!

  1. Snow

I have always felt that Halo needs more snow maps. Think about hostile winds above the ground, blocking your view to only 10 metres etc. You are feeling your way through, however under ground are numerous tunnels and passages to power weapons, small encampments (where you spawn) where men have previously lived. Also in the distance you hear a loud howl in the wind.

  1. Lagoon/ Rivers

Small encampments are present on the outskirts of the map forcing players to stay or venture out to obtain power weapons or map control. Numerous rivers interect the bases where in some rivers water could go up to your shoulders, not killing you but providing for a quick ambush or dash. Thick reeds could block line of sight where crash pelicans or air craft can act as sufficient cover against grenades etc

There are more I can think of but you get the point. I don’t want walls, man made structures to go obsolete in these maps but they do not have to be over used rather work in the environment for variation and a different experience.

Thank you for reading

We need snow!! Love snow maps
Would love to see a lagoon/ river

The jungle one sounds great. I loved the beginning of Infinity in H4, despite the Crawler Snipers, just because of the beautiful map.