more maps and gametypes

not enough maps and the maps that are there personally i find arn’t big enough for big team infinity slayer, i would recomend bringing back maps from halo3 such as Avalanch or Spire from halo reach. as Gametypes go Halo4 only has 8(i think) and is lacking classics such as swat and invasion.
Please comment if you agree or disagree.

Swat is being added in the next playlist update. Source:

But I do feel that there should be more maps for each gametype. If it isn’t popular it will be voted out. But right now the most popular playlist (Team Infinity Slayer) only uses 5 maps. I like these maps, but there are 10 or more on the disc. Bigger maps for the most part would work with Team Infinity Slayer I think. Maybe take away some of the vehicles, but not many adjustments need to be added really.

I find complex a little too big for 4 v 4, dont know how id feel about even bigger maps.

I think 343 is going to roll out new maps slowly but surely. Some DLC, some for free. It will keep people coming back for more.

Very very shrewd.

2v2 needs to come back. 2v2 is essential for serious players. it’s probably the most technical way to play the game. Also, clans should return. I know it’s been discussed over and over again through the years, but the thing that truly makes Halo awesome, is when you’re in a game full of comradery. Nothing beats being in an exclusive club. Just ask a Skull and Bones members. Also, maps. You gotta bring classics back. The original Lockout, Guardian, Zanzibar, Breakneck, Collosus, Waterworks, Boarding Action. Though it would be cool to see, I also understand that some retros just won’t work due to new playing mechanics. All that said, Halo 4, to me, is the best Halo to date.