More Machinima Friendly

Halo has always been a fantastic canvas for story telling and machinima. As a Halo machinima fan and creator, I feel Halo 4 lacked some of these fun little bits. For example, the gun lowering. Actually, since Halo 3 has gun lowering been a problem, and here’s why.

Lowering your guns online was a big part of making huge, epic scenes, where 5 or more people had to look like they weren’t trying to kill each other. In Halo 3, it was discussed that lowering weapons on Xbox live had caused the BXR and double-shooting glitches that have, since Halo 3, been gone from the game. That argument still to this day makes no sense to me. I’m sure if you can lower the guns in a local or system linked game with no problems, you could do it on Xbox live. This problem should have been fixed years ago, and the Machinima community is still calling out to you, 343i! We love Halo! We miss being able to make kick butt machinima!

In Halo: Reach, you took out the whole having to jump to lower your weapon, which is why I consider Reach to be the best current Halo game for machinima. Still, it was a pain in the neck to trigger this, but it worked out better. At least in Reach, we could also move around and crouch without our weapons going up, and we could put swords down to our sides, unlike in Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4.

When I got my hands on Halo 4, I didn’t mind playing as just Spartans, but I do feel it was a step backwards. The elites were still cool to look at, and what I think should’ve happened was instead of taking out races, you should’ve added the brutes to the playable list. I’m sure this has come up more then once on occasion, and adding Brutes as a playable character (or even Prometheans)would be pretty different game play, and add different strategies, as well as making a machinima more lively or help it stand out.

I did enjoy the Flood Variant, but I think in custom games, there should be more control on who is the flood. Of course in Matchmaking, make it random, but in custom games, let the host choose who is infected. A lot of people are trying to make Zombie style machinima, and that would help them a lot.

These are only suggestions for Halo on the Xbox One, and you say you care about your community. Quit trying to appease the masses of competitive, and start going back to just making the game fun, and making it more machinima friendly.

I messed up on the stupid poll. The third choice shouldn’t have the word “am”, but this is what I get for typing without thinking.

I messed up on the stupid poll. The third choice shouldn’t have the word “am”, but this is what I get for typing without thinking.