More Legendary Edition eggs on Dawn .

Tonight I was doing some snooping around Dawn on Legendary and noticed a few things. In the past I have had runs on Dawn that the Legendary Edition egg count was 8 copies. While playing Dawn tonight on Legendary I counted 13 or 14 Legendary edition copies. I was excited at 13 because there are 13 skulls, but I think I did count 14. Now during this search I did lots of tinkering, and at times it seemed that Legendary copies spawned in new locations while I was exploring. I would stop and said to myself." Was that there a minute ago?" I think some copies drop out of boxes when you move them, but not sure yet. I believe the Legendary edition count is higher on Legenday. I will have to confirm this with a search on easy difficulty.

Well I did a run on easy, and there is still 14 Legendary edition copies on Dawn. Legendary has no effect on the copy count. Still I wonder what is significant about the number 14?

14 weeks Halo 4 lasted?

Nah that’s bad.

Not sure what it could reference to but it surely is a nice find.

Perhaps there are going to be 14 more halo titles?

I have a hunch about the 14 count. I will keep working on it. Might need some help with this one.