More information on what thumbstick settings do would be nice

For example, what does the acceleration setting do? Does that mean that the game output spikes when the joystick is at maximum, and only maximum, input? Or does that mean the game output scales with the acceleration of the input?

What does the Max Input Threshold do to the move thumbstick? What does lower variance in the acceleration curve mean? How does a higher value reduce slow turn when the move thumbstick doesn’t turn at all?

That’s just two examples. It would be nice if these settings gave more precise information about their effect on the relationship between stick input and game output.

Aim acceleration is when your thumbstick is against the wall of its “dome” the crosshair will start to speed up.
Max input threshold gives sort of a lock on you max input. Kind of like a steering lock on a racing wheel. No matter what you do it wont go past said input.
Deadzones are points on your thumbstick that will register inputs. So a really low Deadzone on your thumbstick may register inputs you arent even doing.