More Halo 4 Type Music

I really like the Halo 1-3 theme songs but I’m a bit tired of them and would like to hear more music like from Halo 4.
Halo 4 Music here

I liked Halo 4’s music, but I want them to move away from the chanting. I loved the Halo 5 beta menu music, because it was very orchestral.

I love Halo 4’s music as well as Halo 1-3. It would be great if they could make a mix of the two themes. Halo 4’s electronic/Forerunner sound mixed with the monks.

Halo 4 had some great tracks (e.g. 117 and the one just played) but the really techno ones were just really annoying and out of place at times. The main menu theme song would have been alright at times at a softer pitch, but it was really annoying as a main menu theme song, and it cut out the Librarian’s dialogue at times in-game.

Kazuma made most of the good tracks in Halo 4, so I have no doubt he’ll do well in Halo 5. Also, the few snippets of the soundtrack we’ve heard so far sounds really cool.

117 and arrival must be some of the best songs halo has even been honoured to even listen to. If they can add 117 (with a few tweaks) then my body is 110% ready for halo 5

I like Halo CE’s style, and still love the classics, but I hope that the majority of the scores can move onto a new theme while keeping some of the old music as symbolic sounds to Halo.

While I think h4 had some great music going on (117,didact theme,arrival…), I think a tad more of epic music(marty), mixing with the dramatic one we have in h4, would do well.

DAMN, HOPE NO! Most of Halo 4’s soundtrack do not involve me in the game experience…

the soundtracks made for all the Halo 5 advertisement are yet far better than most of Halo 4’s!

check these links: Very cool soundtracks: Chief Live action trailer, Locke live action trailer, Halo 5 E3 2013 trailer, Arbiter and Locke cutscenes on H2A the best soundtracks: animated poster (starts at 0:14 - I also love the original theme but we’re speaking about new soundtracks atm), beta trailer, and at last I think this is just nice: Halo 5G Beta main menu

to make it clear: the soundtracks I like from Halo 4 are just 117, this Armour, Arrival and the Never Forget like theme (but this last doesn’t count as a H4 soundtrack it was yet in H3 and maybe also in H2)

edit: I also love the theme behind hunt the truth!

Nah man.


This guy combined the Music of the animated cover art trailer and the viDoc. That will de definetly in the OSt, you can hear Kazuma Jinnouchis style there :slight_smile:

Halo 4’s soundtrack sounded really generic, like music you would find in a military movie.

I’m a big fan of Halo 4’s soundtrack, it’s very well written. I also think it fit that game nicely. Requiem was a pretty new and weird and mysterious place. But now that John’s back with Blue Team and the Arbiter is back, maybe Halo 5’s soundtrack needs a bit more of the traditional sound. And I don’t want it to be like H2 & H3 where 90% of the soundtrack was just CE’s soundtrack with a twist. I do like what I’ve heard so far.

Not Halo 4s theme, that was crap. Or a remix at all. I would like to see the electronic Halo 4 music be the Persecutor music similar to how the flood had tense music.

If Halo 5’s soundtrack should be like any of the others, it would be best to make it like Halo 2’s soundtrack.