More gamemodes on release potentially

Even though there is a high chance this beta is what the launch build is going to look like, I noticed that is a good chance at least one more game mode will appear at launch.

The achievement MEDIC! is for a matchmade Elimination round, and there is clearly a revive mechanic involved. (as the description is just “Revive 3 allies in a matchmade Elimination round.”)

So with that, there is a chance for more stuff at launch, and possibly a game mode that is brand new for Halo MP.


Could be tolerated to the first fracture event too!

Possibly, either way, we can say there is likely at least one more gamemode to come out in the future. I hope for more, but not going to hope too hard,


I noticed that as well. Hoping for more maps as well and a dedicated slayer playlist.