More Game types please!

I enjoy playing Halo 4. I will put up with the randomness of most matches (I am looking at you Infinity Slayer), but over all we have very, very few game types available to us. So I made this list to compare past games with current matchmaking options.

This is what we currently have: This is the complete list of what is available in Halo 4 except for Team Throwdown which just incorporates different settings of these listed games.
Slayer: Infinity Slayer, Slayer Pro

Dominion: Dominion

KotH: KotH

CTF: CTF, Infinity CTF

Extraction: Extraction 1-site, Extraction 2-site

Regicide: Regicide

Flood: Flood

Oddball: Oddball

Snipers: Snipers, Shotty/Snipers

Big Team Infinity Slayer: BT Infinity Slayer, BT Slayer Pro

Action Sack: Binary Slayer, Rock and rail, Lightning CTF, Fiesta Classic

Grifball: Grifball, Grifball Pro

Doubles: Doubles Pro, Doubles, CTF Doubles

Rumble: Rumble Pro, Infinity Rumble

This is what we had in the past: Most of these are from Halo 3, with a few additions from Halo Reach. I know I don’t have them all listed below. Compare the list above to this one below. What I am saying is; 343, give us our game types back please. Variety is a good thing, keeps us interested.

Assualt: Assault, Neutral Bomb, One Bomb, Attrition Bomb, Grifball

CTF: Multi Flag, One Flag, Tank Flag, Attrition Flag, 2 Flag heavy, Swat 2 flag, 2 flag BR’s, 2 Flag Shotty’s, 1 Flag BR’s, 1 Flag Magnum, Stockpile, Speedflag

Infection: Infection, Save One Bullet, Alpha Zombie, Hide and Seek, Braaaains, Speed Demons, safe Haven

Juggernaut: Juggernaut, Mad Dash, Ninjanaut, Fiestanaut

KotH: Crazy King, Team King, Mosh Pit, Pit of Joy

Oddball: Oddball, Ninjaball, Lowball, Team Oddball, Rocketball, Swatball, MLGball, 3 ball, Swatpotatoe,

Slayer: Slayer, Team Slayer, Rockets, Eliminatio, Duel, Splockets, Swords, Slayer BR’s, Hammerziet, Melee, Dodgeball, laser tag, punch out, Elite Slayer

Invasion: Skirmish


Race: Rocket Race, Race, Rally

Territories: Territories, Land Grab, Flag Rally, Lurkers, Team Sumo

V.I.P.: VIP, One Sided VIP, Escort, Influential VIP, Run for cover

Please add anything that I missed.