More fun maps plz

Some of Halo 5’s maps are really weird. Take plaza for example: structure-wise, it’s a nice map with lots of sneaky sightlines, variety of gameplay, trick jumps and hiding spots, but visually, I can’t see it being an actual place in the Halo universe (or any universe). The “cafe” looks nothing like a cafe, the “shops” have no depth and look like a wall, the signs look like they’re just there, not sure what cars are doing on the map, and before I used the machinima camera to go outside the map, I had no idea we were in the middle of a large, urban city all along; the whole map is isolated from its setting.

It’s hard to put exactly into words, but maps in Halo Infinite need to feel more real, blend in with surroundings, and visually make sense. I guess plaza looks the way it because of the way it is structured, and for competitive gameplay, that’s cool; but there needs to be more emphasis on making maps more “fun”, even if that means sacrificing some balance in the process.

What do you think?

Plaza is my favorite map in Halo 5. To me it was very interesting and a nice change up from the UNSC human maps.

Covenant map is excited map

Definitely gonna be some good looking maps and hoping they keep up with community map submissions ツ