More Forge Gameplay Issues

Well, I posted before about a map I was trying to build but my newest issue is that Forerunner fusion coils draw distance sucks. When launched from a grav lift they disappear after a couple feet and then reappear right before they hit the ground. It is a little difficult to see them in action when the draw distance for them is diminishing. They are the only explosive type prop to do this, as I have tested with all the others, but guess what?! They are the only prop explosive to ignite on impact. All the rest of the require player interaction to explode… Back in halo 3 you would just launch fusion coils and they would explode. Why is it that out of the 20 options, the only one that matches that property, is the only one that is invisible for 3/4ths of its journey?


Is there a way to improve item draw distance?