More forge customization please :D

Forge is a big part of halo, and we should be able to create unique maps…so i suggest we have some kind of textured parts/objects or at least an option to change Object/Wall material…
and a new type of forge world. :slight_smile:

I agree. Thank you!

I don’t want to see the return of Forge World, not at it’s current size no. Maybe not gigantic map but something you could do a lot of things in. Maybe like Sandbox or Foundry, those were pretty fun to mess around in. Imagine those maps but with all the cool Forge options such as phasing, fine tuning etc. That i loved about the improved Forge, just not the boring grey objects.

Thing is with Reach’s Forge World it takes too much size on the disk. Obviously workarounds and cuts are going to be made to fit it on the obsolete HD-DVD. That’s why the quality of the launch maps are low IMO. Sure we get to create any map we want in Forge World, but no matter if it’s a god tier map made by Overkill or the worst creation in existence, it’s going to look grey and boring.

Then the standard maps while being built first in MP then Campaign, it’s just not good map making when you compare it to past Halo maps. We visit exact same places in Campaign, except that they have added vents or a small useless space section. If Bungie expected everyone to be blown away by such a decision in Reach, perhaps it’s good thing they did handover the series to 343. I am not saying that Forge World wasn’t ambitious. It was and it’s the biggest map in Halo (kudos to them for actually fitting it into the game) but more doesn’t always translate into better and ended up hurting the rest of the maps as a result.

I had a crazy idea the other day, and I’m not sure if it would be possible to engineer, but imagine if there were only one map in the game, and every map was built from that one canvas. Using textures, dynamic parts, altering skyboxes, etc…

Anyway that is extreme.

I am hoping for each map to be forgeable with a generous budget, and pieces that match the aesthetic of the map.

I am also hoping for one, two or three forge canvasses, each with different natural aesthetics, and each holding their own large forge palettes, relative to their aesthetic.
Nowhere near as large as Forge World by any means.

I actually have some few ideas for Forge mapping:

  1. Create/add some emotes like a Spartan sleeping without the constantly killing the character everytime the body disappearing.

  2. Add more gimmick items like a laptop, bed, tv, and some other goody toy items that can be use in Halo like hockey, football, or soccer gameplay.

  3. Bigger expansion of forge world

  4. More different type structure building and adding trees/plants

  5. Enable to use any forge structure in other game maps

  6. Forging a regular invasion map like boneyard and the spire

The last idea for Forge is making a forge version of firefight which I may make a poll about it.

Well, here’s my input:

  • A new and expanded tool set i.e. new snap options, other editing features, etc.
  • Love forge world; bring it back or make it bigger
  • A larger budget
  • A plethora of new, unique objects

Also, not quite sure why everyone hates the forge pieces so much. Sure, i’ve seen my fair share of boring and dull maps, but it is not fair to say that you can’t create amazing maps using those same pieces. I have seen maps that are just, in a word, amazing. If used properly, you can make any map look detailed.

Perhaps get rid of Forge World and let us start off with a blank canvas.

We need vegetation, shrubs, bushes, different types of grass, trees, vines, ect

Able to add water and raise sea level (how cool would a flooded map be)

Be able to change ground elevation, so you can create hills, mountains

Be able to carve into things, so you can make caves and tunnels

A painter tool that allows you to brush effects like blood, fire, flood infection. Snow, ice, sand, different types of dirt, grass, moss, bullet holes, fire/blast damage.

Be able to place wreckages

Many different types of buildings, human, forerunner, Covenant. Like, real buildings.

Be able to create your own buildings.

Hundreds of different types of objects of course.

Be able to make working doors, lifts, bridges.

Weather, time of day

Be able to add/change textures on objects.

Be able to change the sky box

Change gravity levels.

Be able to place bodes.

Large variety of different types of rocks, pre made cliff faces ect

I do realize this probably is not possible on the current console, but it most certainly will be possible on the next console, so Halo 5? How awesome would this be? :smiley:

> 4. More different type structure building and adding trees/plants

More building items would be nice, and Trees and plants would also be nice because then people can add or take away trees and plants.

> 5. Enable to use any forge structure in other game maps

Here’s the thing, based on the way the Halo engine, as long as 343i doesn’t add any new items in any new maps before the next Halo game, then they can have all of the building models in all of the maps. But any new items added to the game in new maps, will only be in those maps.