More for Fire Fight?

I really like playing Fire Fight, having a team and beating on the AI is more appealing to me than playing against other players, it allows for the random fun while not hurting your team … mostly.

Sadly I am finding that the matches are very predictable, that each round you more or less know where what is going to be, and kind of detracts from it I find.

I would like to recommend a few enhancements for Fire Fight.

1: more objective based encounters, not unlike the Halo Reach mode of Invasion or Halo 4 Spartan Ops, defending a core, destroying a core or something that would be less just shoot everything or kill that guy.

2: Bonus rounds? I really enjoyed having these bonus rounds in the other Fire Fights, being swarmed by a hoard of grunts was fun for a while, but i always felt there was too few of them, in my opinion there should have been 2 or 3 times the grunts, but most of the maps could not have handled that. on that note, having more bonus round types with more enemy types would also be fun i think.

3: Handicap matches? maps that would prevent players or require players to only have X item or weapon as their only means to fight.
an Air assault map where you must defend against banshee or other flying units, considering the type of game that would be. Requisitions would be disabled, instead the players points opens up an option of getting X weapon or vehicle (flying in a banshee got X points, land and opt for a better/different version of the banshee or other) all related to the scenario unfolding.

4: let us blow up the drop ships or their guns. its really REALLY annoying to have lock on weapons lock on to the drop ships but you cant actually hurt them, i tried it with 6? friends all in tanks and we blasted it as it came in, and blasted it as it left, nothing happened to it, not fair, or is the drop ship stronger than the Warden?

5: We have boss grunts, elites, hunters, soldiers and knights.
why do we not have a boss Jackal, Crawler or watcher to deal with? crawlers and watchers i think making a larger version of them, almost knight size with three heads?
Jackals maybe driving a Specter or something?

These are just my thoughts on what could make Fire Fight better
Thoughts on my ideas or any of your own?

more thoughts I had.
What about being able to recharge alien (Covenant/Promethean) non power weapons?
I personally prefer the carbine but having its use so limited like a real power weapon feels a little biased, that your best choice will always be human weapons because you can get ammo for most of them when needed.

I also find it problematic that after you die, the weapons have already vanished after you spawn and get back to the location, should they not last longer considering that they are mostly requisition weapons?

Sniping problems, I have found that sniping an enemy has on more than one occasion resulted in no rewards/points I have killed the warden, hunters and entire packs of crawlers or other units with something like the tank, ghost or what have you, but i was too far for the system to accept that my shot is what helped to kill X, even though I have been hitting it dead on?
This is something that I think should be fixed, im not sure if its the same in normal PVP but its in Warzone at least.